Concrete Jungle Foundation is an international non-profit organisation that uses skateboarding as a tool to stimulate positive personal and community development for underprivileged youth around the world.

About Us

In response to local demand, we coordinate the construction of new skateparks, the provision of skateboarding and safety equipment, and the organisation of targeted, sustainable, locally-run skateboarding programs focused on life-skills and empowerment.

"Skateboarding is a global family that fosters personal growth, communal well-being and cross-cultural understanding. It is our passion to help that love flourish where it is needed the most.

Together, we plant the positive seeds of skateboarding."

Thanks to our supporters, we completed our first project in 2017 in Trujillo, Peru. Building on its success, our next project will see the construction of Angola’s first skatepark in the capital city of Luanda, in October 2018. Click here to learn more and see how you can help out.

Together, we will plant the positive seeds of skateboarding.

How we work

It is the unique combination of partnerships, expertise and working methods that makes CJF so effective in improving lives through skateboarding:

We respond to local demands for skateboarding facilities, in environments otherwise lacking in sports infrastructure and communal/youth spaces

We partner with the most recognised skatepark builders in the world to provide professionally built, world-class concrete skateparks, free of charge to communities

We leverage pedagogical expertise and years of teaching experience to develop and implement targeted program curricula focused on teaching life-skills and empowerment through skateboarding

We transfer the long-term running of the park and project to local partner organisations to ensure sustainability and local ownership of the programme

International Team


Clement Taquet

Executive Director


Harry Gerrard

Operations Director


Tim van Asdonck

Programmes Director


Troy Björkman

Development Director


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